About the game:

Slide Loop is a completely new puzzle game that will take you for long hours of gameplay. The goal on each of the puzzles is to drag blocks on the board under the bulbs of the corresponding color. If there is a block of the same color under the bulb - it lights up. The puzzle will be passed when all the light bulbs are on. The difficulty is that by moving the block, the entire row (column) moves, thereby changing the positions of the other blocks. In this case, if the block goes beyond the edge of the field, it appears on the opposite edge, the blocks are looped in the field. The game has 51 puzzles, each of which will require more and more mental skills.


- Real training for the brain

- Game for all ages, for children and adults

- The simplest control of one finger.

- 51 unique level.

- No time limit

- Nice graphics and music

- Two board types: 3x3 and 4x4


- Slide Loop Puzzle displays ads

- Slide Loop Puzzle supports in-game purchases, which can disable the advertising

Slide Loop Puzzle